Initiation of clinical practice on a new hospital ward

On September 16, 2014, a new ward of University of Fukui Hospital started to operate as a project in the first stage of the hospital’s redevelopment. The establishment of the new ward, part of the redevelopment of the hospital, was realized through its basic philosophy: “High-quality medical center that nurtures skilled community health care professionals”. Clinical practice implemented on the new ward not only focuses on advanced acute care, but it also emphasizes seamless health care, involving inpatient through to home health care, to respond to changes of the times and social needs while taking advantage of the characteristics of the hospital. The amenity area on the first floor is used as a triage space in the event of a disaster, and oxygen supply and inhalation equipment has been installed on the walls. In the Department of Emergency, the system for emergency medical services, modeled after the emergency care system adopted in ERs in North America, has been significantly enhanced. The passage for emergency medical transportation directly leads to the decontamination room, and the wide emergency treatment room is equipped with CT devices. There are intraoperative CT devices and a hybrid operating room on the floor for the Department of Surgery, which is larger than almost any other operating room in Japan. As the Department of Surgery is positioned close to the ICU, patients can be promptly transferred to the unit following surgery. Furthermore, each hospital ward has a “center for the functions of specific organs and disorders”, which few hospitals in Japan have, to provide seamless health care, including diagnosis, hospitalization, treatment, and discharge. The number of private patient rooms is 151, which is significantly more than the 75 on the existing hospital ward. There are lounges on each floor and benches along the hallways for patients to feel relaxed. Furthermore, the introduction of the new cook/chill system has allowed us to serve more delicious meals that are not too hot or cold in an appropriate manner. The above-mentioned facilities significantly improve the environment for patients’ recovery. On September 14, prior to the opening, 488 of the 600 beds on the existing ward and approximately 230 patients were transferred to the new ward. The comments of the patients include: “It’s as if I am staying in a hotel”, “It is large and beautiful”, and “I enjoyed meals in my new room”. As part of the second phase of the project, which will shortly be initiated, the existing ward will be remodeled and the functions of each department will be enhanced by 2018.