Cancer Care Promotion Center

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Yasuo Hirono

Prof. Yasuo Hirono


Department of “In-hospital Cancer Registration”

The Department of “In-hospital Cancer Registration” collects diagnosis- and treatment-related data from patients, who receive consultation in this hospital, to confirm the effectiveness of various treatments performed in each clinical department, and improve treatment methods.


Department of “Support for Health-care Consultation”

Clinical practice

Full-time nurses and medical social workers provide consultation. Clinicians specializing in different types of cancer who have been registered as counselors provide the following services on an as-required basis: various types of cancer-related health care consultation, advice provided by specialists, consultation related to asbestos and mesothelioma, second opinions, provision of information on cancer care services in other institutions, and consultation on pain relief care.
The Cancer Care Promotion Center is equipped with two PCs. In addition, books, magazines, and the Internet are available to obtain information on cancer. Information can also be printed out.

Support for patients to balance work and treatment

Medical social workers and cancer counseling nurses provide support for patients to balance work and treatment. Through collaboration with employment support facilities within Fukui Prefecture, the Department of “Support for Health-care Consultation” helps patients find jobs according to their pathological conditions and status of outpatient service use. It also holds consultation sessions with the Fukui Occupational Health Promotion Center to support patients to maintain a favorable work-treatment balance.

“Yawaragi” (relaxation), a salon for patients and their families

There is a salon for patients and their families in the vicinity of the general information counter of the hospital for them to interact with each other and obtain information on disorders. The salon is a place for patients and their families to put their minds at ease and feel refreshed.
The events held in the salon include meetings for: “consultation on nutrition”, “consultation on cosmetic cleaning”, “ladies’ day”, “producing wreaths using acorns”, “planting flowers”, and “growing flowers”.
We are planning to hold a variety of events in the future as well, and looking forward to your visits.
People eligible to use “Yawaragi”
[Users]: Patients and their families (Those who visit the hospital for purposes other than consultation are also allowed to use the salon.)
[Opening hours]: 8:30 to 17:00 on weekdays

Outpatient Cancer Genomics

On November 1, 2018, the Department of Outpatient Cancer Genomics was established to provide optimal treatments based on cancer-related gene mutations, and began to conduct “OncoPrime”, a gene assay to comprehensively examine gene mutations, for the first time in the prefecture. It treats patients meeting the hospital’s criteria, such as difficulty in achieving sufficient therapeutic effects by chemotherapy, surgical therapy, or other standard cancer treatment methods, and are referred by their attending doctors.

Outpatient Department for Lymphedema Care

In June 2013, the Outpatient Department for Lymphedema Care was established.
An appointment for consultation must be made in advance. Consultation is provided on Thursday afternoons.
The department is for patients with cancer-induced lymphedema.
“Skin care”, “lymph drainage”, “exercise therapy under pressure”, and “advice on lifestyles and self-care” are conducted by nurses who have been certified as lymphedema therapists and nurses specializing in cancer care. For details, please refer to the cancer consultation office.

Department of “Regional Cancer Care Critical Paths”

As a challenge of community liaison for cancer care, it is necessary to address an insufficient mutual understanding among different types of profession and misunderstandings of palliative care. To overcome these challenges, the Department of “Regional Cancer Care Critical Paths” holds training seminars on cancer for multiple professionals engaged in medical and/or welfare services in communities, and performs activities to collaborate and establish liaison with community resources.

Department of “the Cancer Board”

The Department of “the Cancer Board” holds case study meetings with doctors and various professionals from multiple clinical departments to determine the most effective treatment method for each patient who is difficult for a single clinical department to treat.

Department of “Standardization of Cancer Care”

The Department of “Standardization of Cancer Care” examines combinations of new cancer chemotherapy, chemotherapy using multiple concomitant drugs, and radiotherapy to support the provision of effective, safe, and evidence-based treatment.

Department of “Education and Training for Cancer Care Staff”

The Department of “Education and Training for Cancer Care Staff” holds training seminars on cancer and meetings to explain new treatments, in order to improve the level of cancer care on a prefecture-wide basis.

Department of “Support for Cancer Patients’ Associations”

The Department of “Support for Cancer Patients’ Associations” is a patient group to help each other lead a fulfilling life with hope and a feeling of “being supported by others”. It holds 4 regular meetings a year, organizing various events, including lectures, presentations on cancer-related experiences, and exchange parties. Each annual general meeting is followed by enjoyable events, such as gospel live shows, laughter yoga, and comedy shows. In addition to regular meetings, cherry-blossom viewing, a barbecue party, and soba-making workshop also take place in spring and fall for enjoyment and relaxation.

CART (Cell-free and Concentrated Ascites Reinfusion Therapy)

The center also coordinates CART, which is effective for malignancy-related or refractory ascites.