Palliative Care Center

Palliative Care Teams

Palliative care is provided for patients and their families who experience distress due to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diagnosis, and subsequent processes. The cause of distress varies among people. Some patients not only experience general pain and a sense of fatigue, but also feel distressed due to increased financial burdens and a loss of their social roles. The palliative care team, consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and other types of profession, addresses these types of distress through holistic support approaches.
If you wish to receive care by the palliative care team, please inform your doctor or nurse in charge. At the request of attending doctors and nurses, members of the team, including doctors belonging to the clinical departments, specialized nurses, and pharmacists promptly, manage patients according to the type of their distress.

Outpatient Palliative Care

The Department of Outpatient Palliative Care mainly provides services on weekday mornings by appointment only. In outpatient services, not only doctors, but also certified palliative care nurses attend to make it easier for patients to consult. The department addresses a wide range of chief complaints from pain (30%) and depression (23%) to sleeplessness (25%), anxiety (18%), and loss of appetite (2%).
With the progression of the disease, it may become necessary to discontinue treatment or difficult to continue home life. In such cases, the department provides support for patients to make their own decisions, and determine the place to receive long-term care. It also coordinates home palliative care services.
Patients immediately after diagnosis and those receiving active treatment, such as anti-cancer drug therapy, are within the scope of these services.