Center for Patient Safety and Infection Control

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof.  Yoshio Yoshida

Prof. Yoshio Yoshida

In October 2004, the Center for Patient Safety and Infection Control was established by integrating two existing departments: The Department of Patient Safety and Infection Control Team. Our goal is to prevent accidents, in-hospital infections, and other unexpected adverse events as much as possible. Physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, and clerical staff collaborate with each other to accomplish this goal in a variety of activities.


Department of Patient Safety

Unexpected adverse events sometimes occur in the hospital. Approximately 300 cases of such adverse events are collected each month, and their surveys and analyses are conducted. Weekly conferences and monthly committee meetings are held to prevent adverse events recurrence. The discussed improvements and preventive measures are informed to the departments as feedback. The adverse events reports voluntarily submitted by the departments are essential, we organize workshops and training to improve safety awareness and skills, and hold meeting to collect several opinions of staffs.

Infection Control Team (ICT)

We are responsible for surveillance and consultation in relation to infections, advice on infection control including methods for hand-wash, and the renewal of infection-control manuals. Workshops, training, and other promotion activities are implemented on a regular basis to improve hospital staff’s awareness of in-hospital infection control in collaboration with link nurses and infection control committee doctors).