Clinical Education and Training Center

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Akihiko Matsumine

Prof. Akihiko Matsumine

As a place of postgraduate clinical training for physicians and dentists, the center provides training and advice on primary and other care in order for them to acquire a wide variety of knowledge concerning many different clinical departments and holistic medical skills.


1) The center participates in resident-recruiting meetings held for medical students six times a year.
2) The center organizes “Core Lectures”, workshops for residents, in collaboration with all clinical departments. All health care professionals are welcome. The Fukui Resident Network System distributes information to clinical training hospitals in the prefecture.
3) The center develops programs for the recruitment and training of specialists to recruit physicians in their third year after graduation.
4) The residents and hospital staff, including the director, hold meetings twice a year to improve training programs and facilities.
5) The workshops are held for supervisors working in hospitals in the prefecture to improve training programs and teaching skills.
6) The website of the Clinical Education and Training Center provides and updates information on initial clinical and specialist training programs,
recruitment, and seminars on current medical care, as an activity for public relations.

Annual event schedule

April: Orientation

New residents prepare themselves for training together with colleagues for a period of approximately one week.

May: Resident-recruiting meeting

Senior residents provide students with explanations in the hall to help them understand the hospital and training programs.

July: Meetings for the director of the hospital and residents (in summer)

The meetings are held twice a year, or in summer (July) and winter (December). Measures have been taken to respond to a number of requests submitted at the meetings as improvements.

October: In-hospital Medical Rally

In a competition entitled Medical Rally, health care teams, consisting of three nurses and one physician each, make a tour of booths and address predetermined clinical cases and situations. The competition is participated in by a large number of residents every year.

November: Resident camp

Residents in Fukui Prefecture gather together to interact with each other through delivering case presentations and undergoing practical training.

December: Meetings for residents and the director of the hospital (in winter)

January: PECEP (Pediatric Emergency Care and Evaluation for Physicians) course seminars

The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Fukui Hospital closely collaborates with physicians of the Department of Emergency Care to help residents learn procedures required for pediatric emergency care.

February: Hospital Director’s Cup Written Examination for Assessment Conducted at the Completion of Training

All residents in their second year undergo a written examination designed to assess their knowledge. The examination enables the residents to recognize their national rankings and levels of academic performance. Residents who have received a high score may be awarded.

Weekly: Core lectures

The clinical departments of the hospital take turns in delivering core lectures from 18:00 to 19:00 every Friday. The easy-to-understand lectures are popular among residents.