Department of Clinical Laboratory

Overview of the department

Chairman Clinical Prof.  Hideki Kimura

Clinical Prof.
Hideki Kimura

Various specialized field-based examinations are conducted. The results of examinations are promptly and accurately reported by actively introducing advanced instruments and techniques. We are exerting efforts to provide high-quality data to effectively and adequately make diagnoses, select therapeutic strategies, and confirm treatment responses. Accuracy management in our department has been checked through surveys by third organizations based in Japan and other countries, and we have received a quality assurance facility accreditation. Our staff have acquired more than 10 specialized qualifications.

Consultation system/therapeutic strategies

Specialists in clinical examinations and clinical technologists are responsible for the following examinations:

Laboratory Test Division

This division consists of 4 specialized fields: biochemistry, serology, hematology, and bacteriology. Outsourcing samples are received , and blood collection-supporting services are also conducted.

Physiological Function-Testing Division

Electrocardiography, treadmill-loaded electrocardiography, Holter’s electrocardiography, pulse wave velocity measurement, respiratory function tests, electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction tests, and thermography are routinely performed.

Ultrasound Center

Using 5 diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems, echocardiography and abdominal/thyroid/carotid ultrasonography are conducted. As echographic treatment, ultrasound-guided kidney/liver biopsy and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) are carried out.

In addition, we participate in ICT and NST activities and provide specialized health check-up services, guidance for diabetes care, and urinary function tests and also support advanced medical practice from the technical performance of laboratory staff.

Advanced instruments

Automatic biochemical/immunoserological analyzer

After sample arrival at the Department of Clinical Laboratories, biochemical examination is completed in 30 minutes, and the levels of tumor/thyroid markers can be measured in 1 hour. Prompt tests in the outpatient clinic are possible.

Automatic blood/coagulation test analyzer

The results of emergency blood-cell-counting and coagulation tests in the outpatient clinic are reported within 30 minutes after sample arrival at the Department of Clinical Laboratories.

Infectious disease-testing system

A blood culture system is in operation 24 hours a day. Gene tests for infectious diseases are conducted only in our hospital in this prefecture.

Physiological function-testing system

Electrocardiographic, respiratory function-measuring, and neurophysiological systems are used to improve the efficiency.

Primary examinations and explanations

Laboratory test

Biochemical, hematological, and immunoserological tests of blood, urine, and body fluid

Bacteriological examination

Microbiological tests of sputum, urine, stools, blood, and other samples

Gene test

CYP2C19 gene polymorphism, IL28B gene polymorphism (advanced technique), acid-fast bacterium, and hepatitis virus nucleic acid-quantifying tests

Emergency test/shift duties

Emergency tests based on a 24-hour system and off-work blood transfusion tests

Physiological examination

Physiological examinations of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nerve functions