Department of Health Information Management

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Masaru Inatani

Prof. Masaru Inatani

The Department of Health Information Management was established in 2006 for the appropriate management, storage, and utilization of medical records, as well as the provision of information required for diagnosis, treatment, hospital management, and community health care. Health information managers and other staff of the department are committed to improving the quality of medical records.

Main tasks

Systematic and integrated management of medical records

The storage and management of medical records are conducted in accordance with the rules established based on the “Medical Practitioners Act” and “Regulations for Insurance-covered Health Care Institutions and Persons in Charge of Medical Insurance Fees”.

Safe management of medical records

Medical records and information are managed to prevent them from being stolen, lost, or leaked.

Improving the quality of medical records

The appropriateness of medical records is confirmed.
○Audit of discharge summaries
When an inpatient is discharged, a summary of their course of treatment is created by the physician. Audits are conducted to examine discharge summaries, including the situation in which they have been created.
○Audit of medical records
Medical records are checked every day based on an audit manual created by the department.

Effective utilization of medical records

Medical records are utilized to generate statistical data and collect treatment information and other data to support the provision of health care services and research.
○Statistical data on diseases
Statistical data on diseases are generated in accordance with the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, based on information on discharge/transfer summaries.
○Provision of treatment information and other data
Data are collected and processed, so that they can be easily utilized, before they are sent to physicians in response to their requests.

Provision of medical records

We provide patients with medical records in response to their requests.

Other tasks related to the management of treatment information

The department performs tasks related to the appropriate coding of DPC disease names.

About the health information manager

A health information manager is a health care professional who appropriately manages medical records and utilizes the information included in them for the consistent implementation of effective health care, research conducted by health care professionals, their education, and hospital management. Health information managers contribute not only to improving the quality of effective health care, but also to hospital administration and management and community health care. As an important role of health information managers, they manage medical records as official documents to maximize their value.