Department of Emergency Medicine/ Department of Family Medicine

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Hiroyuki Hayashi

Prof. Hiroyuki Hayashi

Department of Family Medicine
Department of Family medicine and General medicine provides comprehensive care to outpatients as well as inpatients. Our specialty is not focused on organs, but on diseases and illness. Also we are working in rural hospitals and clinics. Our specialty is defined to have a policy of “ACCCC”, Accessibility, Continuity, Comprehensiveness, Coordination, and Context. We enjoy to see patients as holistic human beings. It’s worthy to special mention that our division have comprehensive general medicine program which includes Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine altogether.
Chairperson Clinical Prof. Tetsuya Kimura

Clinical Prof.
Tetsuya Kimura

Department of Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine provides emergency care in a unique style, so called North American style (ER style). On the contrary Japanese Association of Acute Medicine launched the critical care style emergency care from its inception. ER style emergency medicine is quite rare in Japan especially among university affiliated hospitals. We deal with any kind of sickness patients, such as multiple trauma, cardiac arrest, severe intoxication, fractures, minor injuries, common cold and so on.