Division of Medical Genetics

Overview of the department

Chairman Assoc. Prof. Yasunari Nakamoto

Assoc. Prof. Yasunari Nakamoto

With respect to inheritance related to all diseases, such as chromosome disorders, neuromuscular diseases, inherited metabolic diseases, cancer, and lifestyle-related diseases, genetic counseling is performed in cooperation with various departments of our hospital.

Consultation system/therapeutic strategies

Specialists in medical genetics are responsible for genetic counseling regarding inheritance and hereditary diseases. For genetic counseling, privacy protection and ethical issues are sufficiently considered. It is necessary to make a reservation by telephone before counseling. Please contact the Division of Community Medicine Promotion.

Advanced devices

Gene analysis of several disorders is conducted in cooperation with the various departments based on approval from the Ethics Review Board of the University of Fukui.

Primary examinations and explanations

Genetic counseling is conducted so that patients can undergo appropriate genetic tests and understand the significance of the results. If necessary, we request various departments of our hospital or external examination organizations to perform gene analysis and chromosomal tests. We respect patients’ and their families’ wishes to undergo counseling and genetic tests.