Division of Rehabilitation Medicine

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Akihiko Matsumine

Akihiko Matsumine

Our division consists of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Departments. Rehabilitation services for musclo-skeletal and cerebrovascular/cardio-vascular/respiratory/cancer diseases, are provided.

Consultation system/therapeutic strategies

In the Physical Therapy Department, to respond any patients’ problems, some physical therapy programs such as exercise, electro and brace therapy are prepared. In the Occupational Therapy Department, training programs to acquire ADL-required skills are actively performed. In the Speech Therapy Department, in addition to general speech and dysphagia therapy programs, for patients after cochlear implant implantation, which has been carried out in our hospital since 2000, mapping and hearing training are conducted.

Advanced medical practice

Gait analysis for evaluation and validation of treatment effects, loading assist walking exercise units and isokinetic training machine are provided. In addition, assessment of cerebral hemodynamics is performed using near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate the activation of the frontal lobe.


Three dimensional movement analysis system including four force plates and electromyographic device are provided for evaluation of motor function. Gas analyzer for cardiopulmonary exercise testing is also provided.