Medical research support center

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Shigeharu Fujieda

Prof. Shigeharu Fujieda

The Center of Clinical Research and Advanced Medicine is responsible for the management/support of clinical trials and research so that they can be adequately and smoothly conducted in accordance with the GCP and relevant laws/guidelines. Furthermore, we support the development/application of advanced medicine.

Management strategies

In April 2007, our center was established to promote clinical trials and positively support the development/application of advanced medicine in clinical practice, replacing the Clinical Trial Management Center.
We have performed clinical trials in many departments to develop new drugs/medical instruments. Furthermore, physician-guided clinical research is being conducted based on more than 150 protocols, generating 30 or more new applications per year. We are exerting efforts to protect subjects’ human rights and safety through various forms of support, such as practical support for attending physicians responsible for clinical trials/advanced medicine development/physician-guided clinical research, subject care, cooperation with relevant departments/sections, and over-the-counter business for users, based on their needs. We support physicians belonging to various departments to promote their dedication to clinical trials and advanced medicine by establishing a positive, efficient support system through the efforts of clinical research coordinators (CRCs) to meet the needs of pharmacists, nurses, clinical technologists, and radiological technicians.
To promote the understanding of clinical trials and physician-guided clinical research, seminars regarding relevant laws/ethical guidelines/study ethics and lecture meetings by external lecturers are regularly planned/held. We aim to educate medical staff who can conduct ethical, scientific, and reliable research activities.

Advanced medicine-developing system

In our center, the Advanced Medicine-Promoting Committee was established. As “advanced medicine seeds”, drug monitoring and new diagnostic/treatment methods are selected, and we support grant assistance, case registration by CRCs, assistance to obtain informed consent, and data collection/management by arranging project teams for the advanced medicine seeds adopted.

Organization system

In the Center of Clinical Research and Advanced Medicine, the Department of Clinical Research and Advanced Medicine Management, consisting of 3 divisions, was established.

Division of Drug Management

This division is responsible for the management of test drugs, collection of information, and preparation of test-drug tables.

Coordinator (CRC) Division

This division supports pharmacists, nurses, clinical technologists, and radiological technicians so that clinical trials/research and advanced medicine can be smoothly conducted.

Division of Business Affairs

This division is responsible for business affairs regarding applications/contracts and secretariat business of the Clinical Study (Drug)-Examining Committee.