Medical Supply Center

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Takanori Goi

Takanori Goi

The Medical Supply Center was established on December 1, 2005 as a section to make patients feel more at ease based on an idea proposed by the director of our hospital: “optimal/most advanced medical care with relief and confidence”. This center consists of the Physical Distribution Management Division, ME Device Management Division, and Sterilization Management Division.

Contents of business

Physical Distribution Management Division

This division is responsible for the supply of various medical materials to be used in our hospital. Fixed-number management in each section, confirmation of the frequency of use, and reviews of fixed-number products are conducted. A minimum requirement is available.
Furthermore, whether or not new medical materials should be purchased is reviewed. Improved medical materials are provided for treatment.

ME Device Management Division

Our business is classified into 2 categories: one is the manipulation and maintenance of life-support systems, including heart-lung machines and blood purifiers, by clinical engineers.
The other is the maintenance of ME devices used in our hospital. We are responsible for maintenance before and after use, and supply to each department so that medical devices/instruments can be used smoothly under normal conditions at all times.

Sterilization Management Division

The washing/sterilization and collection/supply of medical instruments, including small articles in preparation for surgery/treatment, are carried out. For washing, automatic washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners to remove particulates are used. After inspecting and maintaining instruments for safe surgery/treatment, steam sterilization under pressure, plasma sterilization, or EOG sterilization is selected in accordance with the types of instrument.