Nursing Department

Overview of the department

Chairperson Yukie Igarashi

Yukie Igarashi

Based on the philosophy of the Department of Nursing: “Relaxing and comfortable nursing services based on attentive nursing care practice”, nurses and midwives provide nursing care for patients on twelve hospital wards, in the Outpatient Department, and Central Care Department.

Principles of the Department of Nursing

1) With the principle of nursing: “attentive nursing care”, in mind, we are committed to providing patients with compassionate nursing care by examining their health conditions from physical, psychological, and social aspects, as well as support for self-reliance to help them realize their maximum potential.
2) As professionals, we are determined to improve ourselves, including our knowledge and skills, to adapt to progress in health care and improve its quality.
3) We develop a work environment in which the joy of nursing is shared by all nurses, and become involved in the operation of the hospital as its staff members.

Nursing activities

PNS (Partnership Nursing System)

In the PNS, a method originally developed by the hospital for the provision of nursing care, a team of two nurses is in charge of multiple patients. The system helps them complement each other, which is expected to generate synergistic effects, and share both responsibilities and achievements to provide reliable, high-quality nursing care in a safe manner. The deputy head nurse serves as the core of the group, and all nurses help and cooperate with each other as reliable partners on an equal footing, while making full use of the attributes of other nurses.

Program for the development of general nursing skills

“The program for the development of general nursing skills” was initiated in 2008. Nurses who have been newly recruited after completing basic nursing education courses often encounter a gap between an image of nursing developed by them as nursing students and nursing tasks to which they are assigned in actual settings. The program is designed for these new nurses to determine the direction in which they wish to proceed as nurses and reduce their anxiety.
The program includes an activity to support nurses who are going to take their first step as nursing care providers. They are required to make rounds on three hospital wards during one year, so that they can improve themselves based on the knowledge and skills acquired through the rounds until the end of that period as the goal of the activity.

Activities of certified nurses

A certified nurse is defined as a person with the experience of working as a nurse for five years or longer who has been certified by the Japanese Nursing Association after undergoing professional education. In the Department of Nursing, there are twenty certified nurses who specialize in 14 of the 21 fields: emergency nursing, infection control, diabetes nursing, cancer chemotherapy nursing, wound, ostomy and continence nursing, infertility nursing, perioperative nursing, dysphagia nursing, neonatal intensive care, dementia nursing, intensive care, cancer pain management nursing, breast cancer nursing, stroke rehabilitation nursing, and they provide patients and their families with nursing care based on their excellent knowledge and skills. As certified nurses working in a core hospital, they also implement education for nurses of many health care institutions including this hospital.