Surgical Center

Overview of the department

Chairman Prof. Ken-ichiro Kikuta

Prof. Ken-ichiro Kikuta

The Department of Surgery is responsible for the arrangement of environments for various departments to perform surgery, staff assignment, and deployment of surgical instruments/anesthesia apparatuses/drugs. We are making efforts to secure/maintain the safety of surgery, efficiently utilize operating rooms, educate staff, and promptly handle advanced surgical techniques; thus, the Department of Surgery is the center of management. In 2018, 6,159 sessions of surgery were performed. Emergencies are managed based on a 24-hour system. Approximately 500 sessions/year of emergency surgery are conducted.

Consultation system/therapeutic strategies

In the Department of Surgery, there are 10 operating rooms (including 3 bio-clean rooms). In addition to standard surgical techniques, cardiovascular surgery using heart-lung machines, brain/vertebral/spinal surgery using intraoperative CT, endoscopic surgery, navigation surgery, robot-assisted surgery (da Vinci), organ transplantation (kidney, cornea), pacemaker surgery, bronchial stenting, and bone marrow aspiration are performed.

Primary instruments

In addition to standard surgical instruments and anesthesia apparatuses, our department is equipped with heart-lung machines, microscopes for surgery, endoscopes, surgical laser/ultrasonic/navigation systems, various monitoring systems, intraoperative CT systems, and X-ray inspection apparatuses.