Hospital Profile

Numbers of beds and days of hospitalization (2021)

Classification General beds Psychiatric beds Total
Number of beds 559beds 41beds 600beds
Mean number of hospitalization days 11.6 46.1 12.0

Annual numbers of inpatients, outpatients, and emergency patients

※The cumulative and daily mean numbers of outpatients in the outpatient field include the number of inpatients who received outpatient services.

Year/Classification Inpatients Outpatients Emergency patients
New inpatients Cumulative number of inpatients Daily mean New outpatients Cumulative number of inpatients Daily mean
2020 13,443 177,001 485 6,057 325,698 1,340 13,154
2021 13,180 171,504 470 6,320 334,375 1,382 13,579


1983.10.01 The operation of Fukui Medical School Hospital was initiated.(320beds)
1984.10.23 The number of beds was increased by 120 (to a total of 440).
1985.05.01 The number of beds was increased by 160 (to a total of 600).
1994.12.01 The hospital was certified as an advanced treatment hospital.
1995.06.21 The hospital was designated as a core hospital for AIDS treatment.
2003.09.10 The hospital obtained ISO 9001 certification.
2003.10.01 The name of the hospital was changed to University of Fukui Hospital.
2004.04.01 University of Fukui was established as a national university corporation.
2005.04.01 The Center for Advanced Medical Images was established.
2006.05.15 The electric medical chart system was introduced.
2006.08.01 The Center for the Promotion of Cancer Care was established.
2007.03.26 The hospital was designated as a Core Hospital for Aids Treatment in Fukui Prefecture.
2007.04.01 The Center for Clinical Trials and Advanced Health Care was established.
2009.04.01 The Center for Clinical Education and Training was established.
2011.04.01 The hospital introduced the Partnership Nursing System (PNS).
2012.08.01 The hospital was designated as a General Perinatal Medical Center in Fukui Prefecture.
2013.12.04 The operation of “da Vinci”, a robot for assisting surgery, was initiated.
2014.04.01 The Fukui Medical Simulation Center was established.
2014.09.16 The implementation of clinical practice on the new hospital ward was initiated.
2014.12.25 The new heliport was initiated.
2015.04.01 The hospital was designated as a regional cancer treatment center.(from April 1,2015 to March 31,2019)
2015.05.01 The Medical Research Support Center was established.
2018.01.01 The Patient Support Center was established.