The Patient Support Center in Full Operation

To strengthen our hospitalization/discharge support system, the Patient Support Center came into full operation in April 2018. The center integrates 5 functions of the hospital: community health partnerships, patient consultation, home care consultation, hospitalization support, and preoperative examination support.
The Department of Hospitalization Support, performing one of these functions, helps patients and their families prepare for hospitalization by visualizing processes from inpatient treatment to returning to the original medical institution after discharge and the initiation of home care.
It also assesses care-related risks (such as falls, pressure ulcers, cognitive function, nutrition, medication, pain, and anxiety) from the perspective of post-discharge life, screens for factors influencing discharge support, and provides surgery orientations.
The center is charged with the task of providing safe medical services by promoting the sharing of information needed for spitalization/discharge support and cooperative work among multiple professionals from the early stages through collaboration with medical departments, the Cancer Care Promotion Center, and other divisions of the hospital. As a base for comprehensive patient support from hospitalization, discharge, and home care to returning to work/school, it also aims to promote patients’ satisfaction and liaison with ommunity-based medical institutions.